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Termites are small, soft-bodied insect pests that feed on wood and other cellulose-containing materials. Thomas Pest Services treats little things like big things! For over three generations, they have experience in protecting homes and businesses in Albany and the Capital District, the Adirondack, and Hudson Valley regions from wood-destroying termites as well as other insects, wildlife, and rodents. Treatment for termites includes:

Termite identification
Termite inspections
Sentricon® termite colony elimination system

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Dangers of termites in your home or property

Termites are notoriously destructive pests because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring, and wallpaper undetected. Although termites don’t bite humans, they do pose the following threats to your Albany area home or property:

Major structural damages. Subterranean termites are responsible for over $5 billion in property damages annually in the U.S. If left unchecked, a colony of termites can do major damage to your home or commercial property.

Electrical failure. Termites will attack electrical wiring once they eat through wood. 

It’s worth noting that termites are hard to get rid of and hard to control. Termites are able to survive in severe conditions - both hot and cold temperatures and in 95% humidity. The only way to get rid of termites is to eliminate mature termites and their eggs. Even if you eliminate all of the mature termites, their eggs will still remain in the ground where they will hatch and spread.

How to protect your property from termites

Termites enter homes and other buildings while searching for food or enter inside on items that are already contaminated. The best way to prevent termites is to make your home less attractive for them:  

  1. Eliminate soil-to-structure contact. 

  2. Store wood away from your home and off the ground.

  3. Address moisture issues in and around your home. 

  4. Clean up around your foundation and in your yard. 



Here’s how Thomas Pest Services eliminates termites

Our process is ideal for both homes and businesses, with solution options to eliminate current termites while working to prevent future termites from taking up residence in your building. When you contact our expert termite exterminators, we will:

  1. Perform a thorough termite inspection. We examine your home or business inside and out and recommend a solution to your termite problem.

  2. Install and maintain the Sentricon® termite colony system. Our pest professionals will install our termite elimination system which contains bait to control and monitor subterranean termites in your structure. Termites will quickly discover the bait stations and begin feeding immediately. Once the bait is ingested, termites cannot reproduce which halts the growth of their colony. This termite control method not only kills foraging termites but also eliminates the entire colony while protecting your structure from termite damage.

  3. Provide ongoing monitoring for termite activity. We’ll visit regularly and take a proactive approach to detect termites. 


What does a termite look like?

Knowing what termites look like is the first step in getting rid of a termite infestation. Did you know that termites live on every continent except Antarctica? New York only has one type of termite - the subterranean termite. 

Learn more by reading our Guide to New York Termites.

Signs of a termite infestation

How do you know if you have termites? Learn how to spot termites in your home or commercial property by learning about these signs of termite infestation: 

  1. Swarmers or discarded wings. Termite swarmers and/ or their discarded wings near windowsills and doors are often the first and only outwardly visible signs that you have a termite problem.

  2. Mud tubes. Subterranean termites build mud tubes to provide moisture while they travel between their colony and food source. They’re usually found near your home or building’s foundation.  

  3. Wood damage. Look out for blistering pieces of wood and wood that sound hollow when tapped. 

  4. Uneven or bubbling paint. This usually means moisture buildup which could be a sign of water damage or termites.

If suspect a termite infestation, don’t rely on DIY termite control. Eliminating wood-destroying insects from your home is difficult and best left up to a professional. If termites have decided to invade your home contact the Albany pest control experts at Thomas Pest Services today!


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You can prevent expensive repairs with termite control solutions from Thomas Pest Services. We protect your upstate New York home or business from termites with the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. 

At Thomas Pest Services, we exterminate more than termites.  Our New York pest control company offers comprehensive pest control and wildlife removal solutions for property owners and managers in Albany, the entire Capital District, and, the northern Hudson Valley. Learn more about our local pest control services:

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