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In the Albany area and all of the northeastern United States, people with Lyme Disease most likely contracted the disease from their own property. With tick-borne diseases on the rise, how can you enjoy your yard without fear of contracting Lyme or other diseases? Take control of the situation with effective tick control from Thomas Pest Services.


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Reduce Ticks With The Tick Box Tick Control System


Ticks themselves don’t travel more than a few feet on their own as they can’t fly. The ticks in your yard are usually brought in on mice and other wild animals, which makes treating rodents for ticks an effective solution to reducing ticks in your yard. Data from the CDC indicates the Tick Box Tick Control System can reduce tick populations by nearly 88% after the first year installed.

Once brought onto your property, ticks make themselves at home in the foliage and wait for a new host to feast on - other mice, birds, your pets, or even your family.

The Tick Box Tick Control System is a small, plastic box which holds an effective insecticide to kill ticks and a bait to attract mice. When mice run through the box, a small applicator wick places the low-dose insecticide on the rodent. The mice and any other small animal that can fit into the self-contained boxes are not harmed by the insecticide, but it will kill the ticks.

How The Tick Box Tick Control System Works

A professional from Thomas Pest Services with visit your property to help you take control over the ticks. The system consists of three treatments applied through the following process:


Inspect Property

After surveying your property, we will determine how many boxes you’ll need to effectively eliminate ticks.


System Installation

In the spring, we'll place tick boxes between landscaped and wooded areas where ticks and rodents are most abundant.  We'll also apply an organic residual application on your property.


Ongoing Maintenance

We return in the summer to reinforce the boxes and organic application, and once again in the fall to remove your devices and apply a final organic application for the season.

What Makes The Tick Box Tick Control System Effective?

The Tick Box Tick Control Systems use Fipronil insecticide, the same active ingredient found in popular flea and tick treatments prescribed by veterinarians for our household pets. A trace amount of the Fipronil is applied to a mouse or chipmunk that enters one of the boxes and will kill ticks for months without harming the mouse or other animal it comes into contact with, while protecting the mice for up to 40 days against any new ticks.

Bait boxes are placed around the perimeter of a home to attract the white-footed mouse that carries the bacterium responsible for Lyme disease and other illnesses.  Ticks that feed on the mice become infected with the bacterium and transmit to humans.  


The smell of food inside the tick box entices a mouse to enter.  


In order to collect its food, the mouse or other small rodent must rub against a wick that applies a low dose of an acaricide known as fipronil to its fur.  


The mouse exits the bait box unharmed as the fipronil quickly works to kill any ticks that the mouse is carrying.  The agent continues to kill ticks for many weeks after the initial application.  

Take Control Of Your Yard With Help From Thomas 


You shouldn’t have to fear Lyme Disease or other tick-borne diseases when you spend time in your yard. Reduce your risks and the tick population on your property with Thomas Pest Services and the Tick Box Tick Control System.

Give us a call today to learn more about tick control solutions in Albany, Troy, Clifton Park, Saratoga and the wider Capital District area.

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