What do Deer Mice look like?

Deer mice are a very small species of mouse; they have very large beady eyes and ears compared to their body size. They can range in color from black to white but they all have the distinctive white underbelly and white feet. Deer mice can also be identified by their long multi-colored tail.

Having trouble with Deer Mice?

Are deer mice dangerous?

Like other types of rodents in New York, deer mice are dangerous to have in your home or structure. They are likely to spread urine and feces, transmit a variety of diseases including Salmonella and Hantavirus; and can be carriers of Lyme disease.

Why do I have a deer mouse problem?

Deer mice generally live outdoors in hollow logs, underneath wood piles, in wooded areas and under stones. They will however enter into homes especially in the winter months to forage for food, water and shelter. Once inside deer mice can be found in attics, basement and crawl spaces.

How do you get rid of deer mice?

Contact our NY pest control company if you need help getting rid of deer mice or other rodents. Our rodent control services for both homes and businesses will eliminate the current pest activity; correct the conditions that attract rodents, cleanup rodent droppings and much more!

Mice prevention tips

Rodents are hard to keep out but our Albany rodent control pros recommend:

  • Sealing any potential entry point, this includes cracks and crevice in your home’s foundation, areas where utilities enter into your home and even gaps around doors and windows.
  • Keeping trash (both inside and out) stored properly and emptying often.
  • Keeping a tight fitting cap on your chimney and installing durable mesh screens over vents.
  • Fixing or replacing loose or broken roof shingles.
  • Repair leaky faucets and fixing areas that are prone to moisture issues.
  • Making sure food is stored properly (in durable containers that have tight fitting lids) and that any crumbs or spills are cleaned up right away.

De-cluttering storage areas and storing items in durable containers that can withstand rodent teeth.

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