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What do Grey Squirrels look like?

The gray squirrel is a common pest found around houses in Upstate New York. The gray squirrel is a gray color, true to its name. They have a long body with short, thick hair and a bushy tail. They are anywhere between 6 – 15 inches in length with a 4 inch long tail. They can be found all throughout the United States.

Having trouble with Grey Squirrels?

Gray squirrels vs other squirrels

Gray squirrels are of the tree squirrel family. They are larger in comparison to other tree squirrels, such as the pine squirrel and fox squirrel. Their distinct gray color from head to toe makes them easy to differentiate from other tree squirrels. Gray squirrels are active year round. They do most of their food foraging in the morning hours. Gray squirrels feed mostly on nuts and occasionally on seeds. They are known to nest in trees during the warmer months and then search for shelter inside homes during the winter months.

Are gray squirrels dangerous?

Gray squirrels can pose health threats to humans through the droppings they leave behind as well as the parasites they can introduce to your home. These pests typically hide out within your walls and attic spaces. This can be dangerous because they can chew on electrical wiring within your walls. This chewing can become a fire hazard. Gray squirrels can also cause damage to insulation, building materials and personal items. If they die in your walls it may leave a strong, lasting odor.

How do you get rid of squirrels?

If you find that you have a squirrel infestation within your home, calling a professional is your best option for safe and efficient wildlife removal. The do-it-yourself wildlife control options can take a long time and be dangerous. Thomas Pest’s wildlife removal services can help get rid of multiple wildlife pests. They have a highly trained team for professional wildlife control. This team will investigate your current wildlife infestation, assess the damage and eliminate any problem.

Squirrel prevention tips

Gray squirrels can enter the home when in search of warm shelter and an easy meal. The best way to prevent this from happening is to remove any easy access to food that they might find.


  • Seal all outdoor trash cans tightly to keep wildlife out.
  • Keep pet food indoors and bird feeders away from the house.
  • Seal any holes on the exterior of your home that would allow easy access to your home.
  • Keep trees trimmed back to eliminate an easy bridge to your home.
  • Put a cap on any chimneys. Also, have a mesh to cover over any vents.

These tips may not eliminate any chance of a squirrel getting into your home, but it will help to deter them from seeking your home as an easy target. If squirrels have already made their way in, call a professional wildlife removal company today!

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