What do Groundhogs look like?

Also known as woodchucks, land-beavers and whistle-pigs, groundhogs weigh 5-12 pounds and are 20 to 27 inches long, excluding the tail. Grizzled brown on the top part of their coat with blackish tones, groundhogs have short, powerful legs with a bushy tail.

Having trouble with Groundhogs?

Are groundhogs dangerous?

Groundhogs simply predict an early spring to most people, but in reality they may damage garden and crops, burrow and tunnel under foundations, around sheds, barns and decks. Health risks associated with these pests include rabies, mange – a skin disease in mammals caused by microscopic burrowing mites and raccoon roundworm.

Why do I have a groundhog problem?

Groundhogs hibernate from the first heavy frost until early spring and once up and moving, they feed on grasses, weeds, clover, fruit, crops and ornamentals. If your property features these landscape elements, you could have a groundhog problem.

How do you get rid of groundhogs?

To get rid of groundhogs, contact Thomas Pest Services. We offer humane groundhog trapping and removal services. In addition to our wildlife control services, we can also provide service to prevent these pests from becoming a problem again. Servicing Clifton Park, Albany and the entire Capital District as well as the Adirondack region, our trusted wildlife removal team is ready to help you!

Groundhog prevention tips

To prevent groundhogs from becoming a problem on your property don’t waste your time erecting a fence as these pests can burrow under it or climb over. Other suggestions you may find while surfing the web include harassing the groundhog until it comes out then sealing its hole and planting groundhogs their own garden. Neither is a good solution as you should avoid contact with wild animals and planting a garden is not a sure-fire way to keep them out of yours. Instead contact Thomas Pest Services at the first sign of a groundhog problem. We provide wildlife removal services in Albany, Saratoga as well as the Capital District and the Adirondack region and can help you take care of groundhogs with effective, humane methods.


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