What do Powderpost Beetles look like?

Powderpost beetles are wood boring beetles that as their name suggest can reduce wood to a pile of fine dust. They are a reddish brown beetle with a long flat body; they have an 11 segmented antennae with ends of the antennae having a very distinct two-segmented club.

Having trouble with Powderpost Beetles?

Are powderpost beetles dangerous?

Not a threat to humans, powderpost beetles do not bite or sting. Like  termites and even carpenter ants, they are dangerous to the structure of your home and can damage your personal property like furniture, books, pictures and even gun stock.

Why do I have a powderpost beetle problem?

These wood destroying insects are commonly found outdoors feeding on deciduous trees both hardwoods and softwoods. They also bore holes into wood to lay their eggs, the larvae then feeds on the wood as they develop. When powderpost beetles are foraging for food and creating nesting areas on your property they can find their way into your home.

How do you get rid of powderpost beetles?

If you’ve noticed damage inside your home or are worried about the possibility, give us a call or request a free estimate. Our Albany pest control technicians are very knowledgeable on the pests in our region and can identify the pest and the scope of the pest problem.

Powderpost beetle Prevention Tips

To prevent powderpost beetles from infesting your home or structure you should:


  • Paint or stain the wood in and around your home as powderpost beetles will only lay their eggs in bare unfinished wood.
  • Avoid using old wood from barns or wood that has not been stored properly for home improvement projects.
  • Lower the amount of moisture in and around your home as powderpost beetles have specific moisture requirements.

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