What do Stink Bugs look like?

Stink bugs are mottled shades of brown and have patches of copper or blue-metallic on their heads. They have a distinctive triangular shaped plate on their backs, which is why they are sometimes called shield bugs. Adults are approximately 17 mm in length and are almost as wide as they are long.

Having trouble with Stink Bugs?

Are stink bugs dangerous?

Stink bugs are considered to be agriculture pests and can cause significant damage to plants and farm crops. They do not bite or sting humans, but they do emit a very foul smelling liquid from glands located under their thorax. When found indoors, their smell can become very overwhelming and the liquid can stain furniture and upholstery.

Why do I have a stink bug problem?

Stink bugs seek indoor shelter when the weather starts to cool in the fall, they are looking for a warm safe spot to overwinter in. They are drawn to the sunny sides of homes and other buildings and will get inside of them through small cracks and crevices.

How do you get rid of stink bugs?

Contact Thomas Pest Services if you need help getting rid of stink bugs. We offer residential pest control services to safely and effectively eliminate stink bugs from your property. We also offer solutions to prevent future problems with stink bugs and other common household pests.

Stink bug prevention tips

To prevent stink bugs from invading your home you should:

  • Inspect your home’s foundation and make sure that any cracks or crevices found are sealed.
  • Seal around air conditioners and other utility entrances into your home.
  • Caulk any gaps that are found around exterior windows and doors; make sure that exterior doors have door sweeps on them.
  • Check your home's screens and replace any that are torn or ripped.

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